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locust (unidentified)

locust (unidentified) [名] バッタ (未同定)

こちらは、Cave of the winds に行った時に、そこの駐車場にいたバッタです。いろいろ名前を調べたのですが、よく分かりません。でも調べているうちに、Rocky Mountain locust (ロッキートビバッタ) というバッタがこの地域に生息していた事をつきとめました。なんで過去形かというと、このバッタ、1902年に絶滅してしまったそうです。このバッタは19世紀末まで、アメリカ合衆国の西半分全域と、カナダ西部の一部に生息していたそうです。群れの大きさは昆虫の中では最大規模のもので、1874年にある昆虫学者が目撃した記録によると51万平方キロメートル(この面積はカリフォルニア州全域よりも大きい)だったそうです。この記録はギネスブックにも「動物の作る最も大きな群れ(greatest concentration of animals)」として掲載され、群れの大きさは少なくとも12兆5000億匹、総重量2750万トンと書かれているそうです。ところがその後30年足らずで、このバッタは絶滅。理由には諸説があるようですが、有力な説としては、移民により耕作と灌漑が進んだことにより、生態系が壊されたとするものがあります。Buffaloももうすぐ絶滅するところでした。そしてこうして現に絶滅させられてしまった生物もいます。悲しい事です。私が見つけたバッタですが、ちょっとRocky Mountain locustに似ているような気も?もしどなたか同定できたら、教えて下さい。


We found this locust, when we went to cave of the winds. It was in a parking lot there. I tried to identify its name, I failed it. If you know name of this locust, please let me know. During I'm searching name of this locust, I found a interesting description about Rocky Mountain locust, which was extinct.

According to Wikipedia, the Rocky Mountain locust (Melanoplus spretus) was the most important locust species that ranged through almost the entire western half of the US (and some western portions of Canada) until the end of the 19th century. The insect may have produced larger swarms than any other locust species. One 1874 sighting famous to entomologists recorded a swarm 198,000 square miles (513,000 km²) in estimated size―greater than the area of California. According to The Guinness Book of Records under the heading 'greatest concentration of animals', the swarm must have contained at least 12.5 trillion insects with a total weight of 27.5 million tons. But less than 30 years later, the species was apparently extinct. The last recorded sighting of a live specimen was in 1902 in southern Canada. And because no one expected such a ubiquitous creature to become extinct, very few samples were ever collected. The cause of their extinction is disputed. It is possible that the plowing and irrigation by settlers disrupted the natural life cycle of the insects.

As I mentioned, buffaloes were almost extinct, and this insect was actually extinct. It is very sad. We should be very careful, since human have such a big influence to the nature. By the way, the locust that we found looks like the Rocky Mountain locust, isn't it? I know that it's impossible though.

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I moved to Fukuoka from Tokyo on Oct 1, 2010. I'm gonna continue my job, but I would like to enjoy my life more in Fukuoka, since I did not have any private time in Tokyo.

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